• Oca is one of the most popular healthy energy drinks based on tapioca, from the root of the cassava, which provides energy due to its slow-digesting carbohydrates, giving a long-lasting sensation.
    OCA 是一種以木薯為基礎的天然能量飲料,它來自木薯的根部,其緩慢地消化的碳水化合物提供能量,提供持久的動力。

  • Natural and clean energy drink low in sugar, gluten free, organic, vegan, clean energy, Kosher and that only contains 60 calories per can.
    天然能量飲料,低糖、無麩質、有機、純素VEGAN,每罐僅含 60 卡路里。

  • OCA provides natural caffeine in a variety of deliciously exotic flavors, 120mg of natural Caffeine.
    OCA 提供各種自然風味,120 毫克天然咖啡因。

  • Natural source of sustained energy without the crash and burn.

  • Straight from the amazon rainforest, with natural flavors.


OCA|植物性能量飲料|Prickly Pear & Lime 花椒梨酸橙味

  • 355ml x 2罐,60Calories,120mg Caffeine
  • 天然能量飲料,無過敏原、低糖、無麩質、有機、純素VEGAN,每罐僅含 60 卡路里。
  • 直接來自亞馬遜熱帶雨林,具有天然風味。





OCA|植物性能量飲料|Prickly Pear & Lime 花椒梨酸橙味|355ml x 2罐裝

HK$40.00 一般價格