Samantha P,香港的初創品牌,創辦人Samantha 喜歡分享快樂和美麗,以她的的愛好和追求,還有座右銘【活出精彩生命】開創了各樣優質產品,打造一個絕對「靚」的生活態度!

Samantha P 產品採取頂級優質材料,香港本地製作,與您活出完美生活。

Samantha’s P is an eCommerce project representative of the founder’s love and pursuits covering her penchants, picks, preferences, and ideas of products, services, and places to experience, partake and participate.  Samantha loves to curate and “happy share” all things beautiful and appealing to the senses. Her launch selection of products include Damascus Organic Rose Water, Eye Cream Supreme, All-Natural Antiseptic Hand Soap and All-Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer.  An exciting plan to explore a wider spectrum of distinctive products and partnerships beyond skincare is in place to bring future intrigues right to the present!


All Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer 三重保護抗菌消毒噴霧

  • For hand disinfection. Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Sanitizer of the highest quality crossed over with the perfect hand and skin-nourishing formula and dulcet essential oils that calm and elevate the sense.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria while keeping your hand and skin looking and feeling amazing.
  • 全球獨立實驗室認證及通過世衛標準
  • 德國75%食品級乙醇,不會傷害皮脂膜及可長期重複使用也不會引起乾燥及不適
  • 5種法國複方精油,高度抗菌同時可滋潤肌膚
  • 氣味清香怡人,可鎮靜及舒緩令心情放鬆
  • 加入雙氧水能有效殺滅細菌孢子
  • 加入西班牙維他命E及有機植物甘油,令肌膚加倍滋潤
  • 適合敏感肌、主婦手及濕疹皮膚


Skincare grade Nourishments|護膚級營養物

  • French Essential Oils (Niaouli Lavender True, Saro, Black Spruce, Bergamot)
  • Vitamin E (Spain) 維生素E(西班牙)
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerine (India) 有機蔬菜甘油(印度)


Main Ingredients 主要成分

  • Ethanol (Germany) plant alcohol  乙醇(德國)植物酒精
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (Hong Kong) 過氧化氫(香港)
  • French Antiseptic Essential Oil Blend (France) 法國防腐精油混合物(法國)
  • Essential Oil Solubol (Taiwan) 可溶性精油(台灣)
  • Vitamin E (Spain)|維生素E(西班牙)
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerine (India) 有機蔬菜甘油(印度)
  • Distilled Water (Hong Kong) 蒸餾水(香港)


Direction of Use 使用建議

  • Shake well and spray it liberally you your hands, rub them together, then leave hands to dry.


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Samantha P |All Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer|三重保護抗菌消毒噴霧