Samantha P,香港的初創品牌,創辦人Samantha 喜歡分享快樂和美麗,以她的的愛好和追求,還有座右銘【活出精彩生命】開創了各樣優質產品,打造一個絕對「靚」的生活態度!

Samantha P 產品採取頂級優質材料,香港本地製作,與您活出完美生活。

Samantha’s P is an eCommerce project representative of the founder’s love and pursuits covering her penchants, picks, preferences, and ideas of products, services, and places to experience, partake and participate.  Samantha loves to curate and “happy share” all things beautiful and appealing to the senses. Her launch selection of products include Damascus Organic Rose Water, Eye Cream Supreme, All-Natural Antiseptic Hand Soap and All-Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer.  An exciting plan to explore a wider spectrum of distinctive products and partnerships beyond skincare is in place to bring future intrigues right to the present!


Almighty Sanitizer 抗病毒空氣淨化精油噴霧

  • For ambience and desired spots & surfaces disinfection
  • Remove unpleasant odour
  • Kills 99.99% of ogerms and bacteria
  • Ambient sanitizer for the most intimate objects and air purification.
  • This is the latest formula using both hospital-standard and French compound essential oils sanitisation with a special focus on destroying 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs, while the premium essential oils would also act to strengthen the respiratory system and enhance immunity.
  • Fodd-grade sanitizer means that cutlery, domestic, office and gym equipment, bed sheets & pillows, yoga mats, toys and all touchpoints are safe, with the added benefits of aromatherapy.
  • 使用植物性酒精及肉桂、檸檬、雪松、玫瑰草、白玉蘭等純天然法國複方精油調製而成。它是一 種全天然的空氣淨化,經德國精油化驗室測試,透過植物精油迅速噴灑,可殺滅99.9%病毒(包括冠狀病毒)及有害細菌、真菌,阻斷致病原。
  • 可有效改善空間內的異味,進而提供淨化居家、生活及工作環境。
  • 適用於手部、餐具上、物件的表面(包括衣物、織品及寢具)、或空氣中消毒。
  • 植物性酒精绝對安全不會傷害皮膚及物件表面,尤其適合家中有孕婦、嬰兒