Samantha P,香港的初創品牌,創辦人Samantha 喜歡分享快樂和美麗,以她的的愛好和追求,還有座右銘【活出精彩生命】開創了各樣優質產品,打造一個絕對「靚」的生活態度!

Samantha P 產品採取頂級優質材料,香港本地製作,與您活出完美生活。

Samantha’s P is an eCommerce project representative of the founder’s love and pursuits covering her penchants, picks, preferences, and ideas of products, services, and places to experience, partake and participate.  Samantha loves to curate and “happy share” all things beautiful and appealing to the senses. Her launch selection of products include Damascus Organic Rose Water, Eye Cream Supreme, All-Natural Antiseptic Hand Soap and All-Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer.  An exciting plan to explore a wider spectrum of distinctive products and partnerships beyond skincare is in place to bring future intrigues right to the present!


Floral Blessings Ambient Hygiene Box Set|花朝月夕抗疫禮盒

This is a "Limited" project crossover with Pollen, an artisitic floral shop at Central Hong Kong. 
Pollen aimed to spread their love with flowers, as the greatest joy.
此禮盒是 Samantha P 與中環花藝店Pollen 離合製作的限量禮盒。Pollen 以鮮花傳播愛意,散發快樂為宗旨。

  • Floral Blessing Box from Pollen 鮮花禮盒 x 1pc
  • All Natural Antivirus Hand Sanitizer 三重保護抗菌消毒噴霧, 30ml x 1pc

  • Almighty Sanitizer (Regular version) 抗病毒空氣淨化精油噴霧, 230ml x 1pc



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Samantha P |Floral Blessings Ambient Hygiene Box Set|花朝月夕抗疫禮盒